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Vector Lab
Kreativachse Chemnitz

About this Makerspace

For the Maker residence, this makerspace will provide its CNC and CNC-professional for the curious and design gifted.
A fully equipped classic wood workshop will be established in the adjacent space.

Makerspace Focus

fantasy meets technique

Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • CNC workspace

  • woodwork space

technical applications

       CNC machine:

  • WINTER CNC machining center


  • Working area X - axis 1500 mm

  • Working range Y - axis 3000 mm

  • Working area Z - axis 300 mm

  • Milling spindle air-cooled 9.0 kw, ISO 30

  • Spindle speed continuously variable 24,000 rpm

  • 8-fold tool changer, sideways

  • Traversing system (X & Y axis) rack and pinion drive

  • Traversing system (Z axis) ball screw

  • Traversing motors AC servo motors Leadshine 850 W

  • SHIMPO gear drive - max. travel speed 45 m/min - max. working speed 20 m/min - Working accuracy 0.05 mm

  • Vacuum grid table with 10 sections and T-slots

  • 2 vacuum pumps 11.0 kW, air-cooled

  • Workpiece positioning, pneumatically lowerable stops, 4 each in X and Y  Tool length sensor

  • CAD/CAM software VECTRIC CUT 2D PRO (NESTING Inclusive)

  • Control DSP NK105 G3

  • Ethernet/USB interface

  • Electrical connection 3 phases 400 V, 50 Hz

  • Operating ambient temperature 0-45°C

  • Dimensions width 2900 mm - Dimensions length 6000 mm -

  • Weight 4500 kg Tool chucks: usually 12mm, but others like 8mm and smaller are also possible. Depending on the chuck.

  • Tools: 3 cutting edges 6mm x20mm, 8mmx20mm 6mm x30mm, 8mm x30mm, double-edge flight 6mm and 8mm x30mm

  • Drill bits different sizes

  • Engraving graver Software is Vetric Cut2D and Vetric VCarve Pro

  • To create the files: a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and many more, as well as 3D software such as Sketchup, Fusion360 and much more.

    The woodwork space will be classically equiped - more information available soon...

arrival, stay and contact details

Vector Lab CNC Kreativachse
Gießerstraße 5
09130 Chemnitz

lianne [at]

guest space will be booked
public transport possible

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