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About this Makerspace

The Klub Solitaer e. V. was founded in 2010 and has since launched numerous cultural projects. With the project and studio houses A102 and J42 (on walking distance of each other) Klub Solitaer provides space for the production of contemporary art and culture on the southern Sonnenberg Chemnitz.
Lokomov is our event room with a bar, stage and large LCD screen on the ground floor of the A102 building.
For creative and independent working makers we offer several work spaces in the J42 building: 

A photo laboratory, which offers the space and technical conditions for the development of analogue photography, A photo studio, in which professional photographs can be taken, and a work studio, which creates an experimental space for digital techniques and analogue printing.
A photo studio is located in the A102 building.

Our Digitallabor offers technologies for the development of new digital formats virtual reality and augmented reality applications, video mapping, 3D scanning, sculpting/modeling, printing and more.

Our printing room is dedicated to artistic printmaking in many facets and sees itself as a place for collaborative experimentation with artistic means of expression and the teaching of artistic and craft skills in the use of letterpress, intaglio and planographic printing techniques.

Makerspace Focus

arts & culture
analogue printing

digital printing
3D printing and modelling


Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • multiple guest apartments  (available from 10.6.)

  • multiple work rooms

  • photo studio

  • photo lab / dark room

  • digital printing room

  • analogue printing room

  • large and small event rooms

technical applications


  • LCD screen (can be used/programmed in residence and brought to the Makers United faire)       

dark room / photo lab: ​

  • Enlarger FOCOMAT V 35 Autofocus (Leitz), with different lenses

  • Enlarger FOCOMAT II a with automatic focusing for negative formats up to 6.5 x 9 cm (Leitz), with various lenses

  • Enlarger LABORATOR 138 S (Durst), with different lenses Enlarger KROKUS Color 69 S (Warszawa)

  • Various image washers also for large formats Vacuum press (Sallmetall)

  • Cutting machines for various paper sizes up to large format

  • Dry closets for hoods Various photo papers, mainly for black and white photography (more information on request)

  • Chemicals and developing trays

    photo studio:

  • Bowens flash set with multiple tripods, flash hoods and diffusers.

  • Diverse backgrounds are available
    Camera with camera tripod must be taken with you

    Digitallabor / digital printing studio and analogue printing studio:

  • 3D printer (BambuLab P1P)

  • several  3D printing pens

  • Screen printing (colors and accessories)

  • Linoprint (tools, colors, paper, rolls etc.)

  • Printing presses (Various types and sizes)

  • 3D Scanner /  3DMaker Pro

  • VR glasses Oculus Meta Quest Pro

  • Risograph (in repair)

  • BambuLab A1 mini

arrival, stay and contact details

Klub Solitaer e.V.

Augustustburger Str. 102

09126 Chemnitz

info [at]

guest space available
public transport possible

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