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About this Makerspace

The former substation of this Makerspace is re-opened piece by piece to preserve parts of it as a technical monument to local energy history. The former purpose and function of the site should also be brought closer to visitors through individual exhibits and in the form of tangible experiments. UW Etzdorf strives to combine the museum aspect with contemporary innovations. In addition to the former central energy supply, a location is to be created where the process of change is illustrated and practiced in tangible applications, especially in view of the European challenges of the energy transition and the encounter with climate change.
There is enough space here for art, making and creating in a wide variety of forms. Whether installations, sculptures or large and small format canvases, the rooms are really challenging.
Not only is a gallery created in the building, the building becomes a gallery. This will consist of permanent exhibitions from the archives of the Rebel Art Gallery and changing exhibitions by invited guest artists, who will also be given the space to create installations from the inside of the building. The artistic focus is increasingly on urban art, meaning art that has its origins on the street.

Makerspace Focus

spatial art
street art
spatial design
arts & crafts
arts & makers

usual Makerspace facilities


Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • guest rooms

  • ateliers

  • multiple versatile gallery- and workspaces

  • garden area

technical applications

technical applications.....coming soon

Arrival, stay and contact details

Kulturnetzwerk UW Etzdorf
Waldheimer Str. 81
09661 Striegistal

Kulturnetzwerk [at]

Public transport possible by train and bus

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