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Experiment Kitchen

About this Makerspace

The experimental kitchen is what the name says it is. A professional and broadly equipped kitchen where makers with daring  ideas can try out and present to their heart's content.
There is a space that can serve as a pop-up restaurant, but also as a space to experiment with everything
being created in the kitchen.

Makerspace Focus

experimenting with food
creating with food
conceptual cooking
food art
synergy involving food

Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • broadly equipped kitchen

  • front room with windows

technical applications

  • rational selfcooking center

  • Winterhalter dishwasher

  • induction stove

  • griddle
  • wok
  • salamander grill
  • saladette
  • meat grinder
  • mixer
  • vacuum sealing machine
  • sous vide stick
  • chocolate printer
  • ceramic printer (could also be filled with pasty foods)
  • beer brewing station
  • dry ice generator
  • Nemox Frix-air
  • hold-o-mat cooking device
  • vegetable cutter
  • fermentation container

arrival, stay and contact details

Experiment Kitchen Kreativachse Chemnitz
Zietenstraße 13
09130 Chemnitz

lianne [at]

guest space will be booked
public transport possible

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