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About this Makerspace

We work with people for the community.
We see ourselves as initiators.
We see ourselves as enablers.
We prepare playgrounds and create entrances.
By promoting art, culture and digitalization, we would like to contribute to strengthening identity in rural areas.
Our work is cooperative and collaborative. It is based on the needs, circumstances and wishes of the people with whom we enter into relationships.
We promote active involvement and participation and we want to further develop Augustusburg together with all those who are interested.
We act as sustainably as possible in an ecological, social and economic sense.
The Lehngericht is our communal and central place for the region and guests to the region.

Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • guest apartments and rooms

  • garden with outside kitchen, clay oven and fire pit

  • vegetable garden

  • large hall for audiovisual projects, film, theater and performances

  • screen and 3D printing room

  • large kitchen with dining area

  • gaming room

  • textile workshop

  • wood workshop

     .. and lots more coming...

technical applications

  • xTool S1 40w lasercutter with screen printing extension 

  • fully equiped kitchen with combi steamer

  • moveable oven Alfa 4 pizze hybrid with gas or wood

  • plotter (silhouette and circut)

  • BambuLab 3d printers and Prusa Mini+ 3d printer

  • Tronxy ceramic 3d printer

  • several iPads, iPadPros and Lenovo ThinkPads

  • Captiva Highend Gaming computer and Acer Predator

  • several soldering stations

  • Sony Alpha 7, mobile projector and screen

  • fully equipped wood workshop

  • fully equipped textile workshop

arrival, stay and contact details

auf weiter flur e.V.
Markt 14
09573 Augustusburg

Nadine Knödler
Tobias Kubern
info [at]

guest rooms and apartments available
public transport possible

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