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About this Makerspace

The Chaostreff Chemnitz (ChCh) is a relaxed coming together of technology enthusiasts and creative people.
As Chaostreff, we feel close to the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). We have been meeting weekly since 2010 and since 2011 our meetings have taken place in our own hackerspace at Augustusburger Straße 102, the same building where Lokomov and Klub Solitaer are located.
Our association has been recognized as a non-profit organization and we are committed to freedom of information and education on the effects of current technologies on society.
Nevertheless, we don't miss out on having fun with it all.
We meet regularly to enjoy and learn about data protection, technology and other current interesting topics.
At the same time, we are working on various projects – for example on our 3D printer.
We regularly organize our own interactive programs on topics like crypto parties and free software.






Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • multiple hardware and computer technique spaces

  • electronic workshop space

  • lounge area

  • used computer space

  • digital- and 3D printing options

arrival, stay and contact details

Chaostreff Chemnitz e.V.
Augustusburger Str. 102
09126 Chemnitz

info [at]

guest space will be booked
public transport possible

Makerspace Focus

  • computer technology

  • digital printing techniques

  • hacker-workshops

  • LED-light programming

  • electronic workshop

  • computer science

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