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About this Makerspace

The emergence of Kulturhaus Klackx is intended to create a socio-cultural creative center in the rural Glauchau-Niederlungwitz region in Saxony.
We want to establish and nurture a creative, cultural freedom that everyone can use directly and in a self-explanatory way.
Kulturhaus KLackx offers an attractive program that is available for all, all year round.
Project rooms and work spaces are available by arrangement for workshops and project implementation.
There are many ways to be creative. We motivate synergies amongst the different subject areas.
Whether music, design, photography or film, woodworking, programming or construction, 
our creative spaces offer it all under one roof.
This creates an awareness for the “big picture” and synergy and also gives everyone the opportunity to experiment and grow.

Makerspace Focus

socio-cultural creative Makerspace
diverse disciplines


Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • woodworking space

  • sound studio

  • guest space

  • barrier-free

technical applications

  • classic woordworking tools

  • CNC - milling machine

  • laser-cutter

  • sound studio interface 30 kanal

  • complete preamp microphone facilities

  • instruments / band-equipment

  • Acoustic rooms for various applications

arrival, stay and contact details

Kulturhaus KLackx
Pappelstraße 3
08371 Glauchau OT Niederlungwitz

Tobias Winkler
info [at]

guest space available
public transport possible (pick-up from Glauchau station possible)

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