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About this Makerspace

The Esche Museum is a museum that makes rich local history, human inventiveness, tradition, industrial developments, and the passion for the materiality of textiles vividly accessible and tangible to a broad audience.
The makerspace textile lab has not yet been set up here, but there is a workshop room that can be used and various machines still create special results with a focus on knitting. Many fabric-samples are available to work with.
In cooperation with the makers a workspace will be made available.
Two makers can be selected for this residency.


Makerspace Focus

fabric materiality
work with mesh fabric
providing access to materiality


Makerspace facilities

rooms and spaces

  • workroom with kitchen

  • workshop space

  • museum

technical applications

  • double flatbed knitting machine

  • a lot of fabric material from the diverse machines

  • sewing machine

  • sewing material

  • patchwork facilities

arrival, stay and contact details

Esche Museum
Sachsenstraße 3
09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna

G.Pabstmann [at]

guest space will be booked
public transport possible

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