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About this Makerspace

This open hands-on workshop in Chemnitz is currently about to move into the Stadtwirtschaft and has some great ideas
how to create an inspiring residency in from this situation!

FabLab - Stadtfabrikanten offers machines, tools, knowledge and network. At your disposal are 3D printers, lasers, milling machines, lathes, lathes, cup presses and much more to support projects and ideas.
The FabLab Chemnitz is a 'space' for your ideas!


Makerspace Focus


  • Create your Space:
    A call for people who want to create new Labs - discuss, prototype and setup the new FabLab Chemnitz Space.


  • Make Pulpe: what?
    Design Molds for paper mache made Boxes, trays and other space sorting systems .
    With the support of 3D printing we can create moulds where water and cardboard schnipsel get a new usable life: as sorting box  (like here:


  • Something to eat!:
    At the new FabLab Space we have a kitchen but no garden.
    Lets come together to design, prototype and create some vertical gardens.
    Our members support you to design & create verticals gardens and whatever else you come up with.


  • Precious Plastic:
    We have a shredder  and our injection moulding is a "work in progress" .
    Do you want to join our journey to local plastic (re)cycles?
    Or do you have some ideas for education on the topic?
    Join Babette!


Makerspace facilities

We will arrange the space and equipment you need.

arrival, stay and contact details

Stadtfabrikanten FabLab

maik [at]

Guest space will be booked
public transport possible

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