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About this Makerspace

The Olbernhauer Hutzenstübl is a Makerspace in the idyllic Olbernhau in Erzgebirge, where tradition and progress go hand in hand. Building a 'Zukunftswerkstatt' based on the old traditional crafts with its origins in mining, combined with modern techniques such as digital design and 3D printing.

An inspiring Makerspace, under the passionate leadership of Uwe Kempe, where old craftsmanship and history are creatively combined with modern production processes.
(for this Makerspace we are looking for German speaking EU Makers)

Makerspace focus

old weaving techniques
wooden Toys
Erzgebirge art & crafts
3D Printing
packaging design

Makerspace facilities


  • wood workshop

  • textile workshop (weaving and knit)

  • gallery space

  • digital workspace

technical applications

  • woodworking (traditional Erzgebirge wooden toys and decoration)

  • established woodturnery

  • laser cutter

  • textile / weaving

  • textile knitting

  • 3D printing workspace

  • toy design

  • packaging design

arrival, stay and contact details

Olbernhauer Hutzenstübl
Blumenauer Straße 4

Uwe Kempe
olbernhauerhutzenstuebl [at]

Public transport available
train from Chemnitz and a 15 minute walk

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